DataCamp Learn Subscription Plans: An Overview

DataCamp currently offers subscriptions for Learn, Workspace, and Recruit:

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Individual Plans

DataCamp has two different plans for individual learners:

  • Premium includes unlimited access to DataCamp's entire library, as well as DataCamp Certification and a professional profile.
  • Free includes the first chapter of over 430 courses and a professional profile.

We bill our services on a monthly or yearly basis, and all enrollment plans auto-renew unless the membership is canceled (Terms of Use).

Business Plans

DataCamp has two different business plans for organizations with multiple learners. 

Teams Plan
  • DataCamp Teams includes: 
    • Unlimited access to DataCamp's entire library
    • Training features that allow you to:
      • Set group, team or individual assignments
      • Monitor and track progress
      • Evaluate performance from a dedicated dashboard 
    • Live chat support for admins

Enterprise Plan - Contact us for a demo and pricing information