How do I cancel my subscription?

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    If I cancel subscription within few minutes from payment, does the full access to the remainder of the subscription period still apply?

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    Robert Cabral

    Hi, Masindithe. Yes, it does!

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    Ewout Lagendijk

    My account only has the option to pause the subscription, what does this mean?


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    Carl Turner

     I'm a monthly subscriber. I don't have an option to Cancel Subscription. I only have an option to Pause Subscription. If I understand this correctly, it will only pause the subscription for 3 months, then start again. I don't see an option for cancelling. 

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    aouatif bozaz

    Hey Carl did you find the option for cancelling ??

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    Maxime Régal


    I've cancelled my yearly plan right after seeing that there was an automatic renewal. My plan is noticed as cancelled but my credit card is still tried to be charged?

    Can you please help me? I would like to cancel the plan after one year and do not renew...



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    Bakhtiar Shah

    Please close my account

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