LMS/LXP Integration Overview



DataCamp supports integrations with a variety of popular LMS/LXP systems such as Cornerstone, SAP SuccessFactors, SABA, Territorium, 360Learning, Viva Learning, Degreed, Workday, and many more. Our dedicated integrations team is constantly building new integrations with LMS/LXP vendors.

If you don't see your LMS listed, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or with our support team to discuss integration options.

Why integrate with an LMS?

Although all of our content is easily available through our own platform, we do acknowledge that many enterprises prefer to centralize all their learning content in one place. That is why DataCamp is investing in building integrations with any LMS/LXP our customers use.


Using an LMS/LXP integration has several advantages:

Key advantages

  • Seamless access - An LMS integration allows your learners to seamlessly access DataCamp's content catalog through your LMS or LXP provider.
  • Centralized content - By integrating DataCamp with your LMS, our whole content catalog becomes available in your LMS, alongside the content of any other providers.
  • Learning progress - We can also send completion information back to your LMS so learners see what content they have completed right in their learning environment. 
  • Reporting & records management - By integrating completions, learning managers will get insights into what learning activities learners have completed on DataCamp right in the LMS.
  • Higher engagement - Our data shows that learners that have access to DataCamp content in their central LMS consume more content (chapters, courses, etc ...) than learners that don't have access to DataCamp content in their LMS.

How does an integration work?

Content catalog

Next to interactive courses, DataCamp offers other types of learning content which can be integrated with your LMS. Projects, Assessments, Learning Tracks, and Practice Exercises. We are constantly updating our catalog with new content and content types.


All of our content contains hands-on coding exercises and need to be taken on the DataCamp platform. This means our integrations only share metadata (such as title, description, technology, duration, external link, etc ...) with your LMS. The content itself can then be linked from your LMS to the DataCamp platform, where it can be consumed. As a result, integration methods like SCORM are not supported by DataCamp, given we cannot package and share our content due to their interactive nature.


Whenever a learner completes a content item on DataCamp, we will share this completion with the LMS/LXP, so their learning records can be updated. Depending on the integration method, this completion will show up instantaneously or after a short delay. 

Authentication & SSO

To make access to our content as seamless as possible, we encourage customers also to enable SSO integration. This enables us to create SSO deeplinks that will automatically use your IDP for authentication when a learner opens DataCamp content items from your LMS. After authenticating with your IDP, the learner is redirected to the content and can start learning immediately.

For users that don't have an account on DataCamp yet, SSO with Just-in-time provisioning (JIT) enables us to create their account on the fly without the need to fill in registration forms. This is a very easy and straightforward way to onboard your learners on DataCamp.

Supported integration methods

Depending on the integration method supported by your LMS, DataCamp offers 4 ways to integrate.

  1. File-based integration via SFTP
  2. Synchronous direct integrations
  3. DataCamp integration API
  4. xAPI (completions only)

File-based integration via SFTP

This integration method will send CSV files with catalog and completion information to an SFTP server hosted by your LMS/LXP on a fixed predefined schedule. The LMS will then load and consume these files into the LMS database to update the catalog and learning records.

Our integration platform implements a dynamic template language that allows us to format the CSV to any vendor's desired format offering maximum flexibility and compatibility with many LMS providers.

DataCamp currently supports many LMS vendors with SFTP, such as Workday, SABA, Cornerstone, Edcast, LearningPool.

If you’re not seeing your organization’s LMS, please reach out to our Support Team. We’re always improving our website and would like to hear your suggestions for future consideration.

Learn more about our SFTP integrations.

Synchronous direct integrations

Many LMS vendors offer an API to integrate with Learning providers. DataCamp has built an in-house integration platform that leverages these APIs to offer real-time direct integrations. 

At the moment, we integrate with the following vendors through a direct API integration:

DataCamp integration API

In the occasion an LMS does not have a public API we can use to integrate with, and SFTP is also not an option, we offer a DataCamp integration API which the customer can use to access our catalog and their completions and use it to build an integration with their LMS.

Learn more about the DataCamp integration API


xAPI is an open standard that can be used to integrate learning platforms. It is specifically used to share learning experiences. DataCamp offers an xAPI integration to share completions of content.

If your LMS implements an xAPI LRS (Learning Record Store), DataCamp can send xAPI events to that store to integrate completions.

Learn more about xAPI integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What plan is required to integrate with an LMS/LXP?

All customers on an Enterprise plan have access to LMS/LXP integrations. Should you be interested in integrating with your LMS/LXP, please get in touch with your Customer Support Manager or our support team via our support portal.

Please note some elements (e.g., hosting an SFTP server, ingesting the files and displaying them within your LMS, etc.) will require support from your LMS/LXP provider, and you may need to engage their professional services team as well to complete the integration. 

Does DC support learning progress?

Yes, but only if you use xAPI. There we can provide chapter level completions and progress which would allow you to have access to granular completions data. For all other methods we provide binary completions. This means that we will only share a completion with the LMS once a content item has been fully completed.

For direct integration methods, completions are shared in real-time, meaning that once a learner has completed any content item, it will be available in their learner profile on the LMS instantaneously.

Asynchronous integration methods like SFTP will have a delay according to your scheduling frequency. We usually see for most clients they end up choosing a daily cadence which means that it may be up to to 1 day before a completion is shown on the learner profile on the LMS.

Does DC support SCORM?

No, DataCamp does not support SCORM. SCORM is a standard that defines how learning content can be bundled and hosted on other platforms. DataCamp courses are interactive and cannot be packaged and served from another platform. Our courses combine video with live coding exercises that will only run on our platform.

Can I configure more than one LMS/LXP integration? 

Yes, we can integrate with multiple LMS/LXP systems at the same time. It is also possible to integrate with staging/testing environments if needed.