DataCamp For Business: An Overview



For a video guide to getting started with DataCamp for Business, please watch DataCamp's Admin University Series playlist.

What is DataCamp for Business? 

DataCamp for Business allows your organization to build data fluency skills at scale. DataCamp's interactive learning platform scales to the unique needs of your team and provides personalized online training for every skill level in Python, R, SQL, Scala, and more. DataCamp makes it easy for your team members to learn data science skills and gain the confidence to apply those skills on the job.

How do I sign my team up for DataCamp for Business?

Click here to learn more about DataCamp for Business. 

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Administrator Overview


The Members tab of the left-hand panel is where you can manage your DataCamp for Business licenses or members. You can invite members via direct email invitations or sharable invite links.

  • Look Up Member Information

    • Licenses purchased vs. members enrolled
    • View and resend pending invites
    • View and search members by team

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Adding Additional Administrators

By default, the person who starts a new DataCamp organization is the admin.

When you invite members, you can select "Assign administrative permissions":


Administrator Options

  • If a license is allocated to the admin, then the admin will have administrative privileges, as well as access to DataCamp's paid content.
  • If a license is not allocated to an admin, then the admin will only have administrative privileges. 



Within the Members page, an admin can also use the gear icon to change the role of an enrolled member.

If an admin does not have access to DataCamp's paid content, you can select Basic and give them a license. Before doing so, make sure that you have available licenses to use. 

See also: Add More Licenses

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Teams are a great way of organizing members! For example, you may have a subset of members with an advanced understanding of Python, but another subset with no prior data science knowledge. In this case, it would make sense to assign each subset to different teams.

As the admin, you have the ability to assign different courses, chapters, and XP collection tasks depending on your members' baseline understanding.

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Assignments are tasks that members must complete within a given timeframe on DataCamp. They are assigned or created by the admin. The assignment types that we offer are: 

  • Collect XP
  • Complete Chapter
  • Complete Course

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Assigning to Teams

The workflow for assigning to teams is slightly different than creating an assignment for your entire organization. Team assignments must be made directly from the team view. Step by step instructions can be found here: 

  1. Navigate to the Teams tab
  2. Select the team you would like to create an assignment for
  3. Select Assignments on the left-hand side of your screen
  4. Choose the option to Create Assignment or Create Your First Assignment
  5. Custom Tracks (Enterprise Plan only)

Reporting (Enterprise exclusive)

Reporting gives admins visibility into how well their members are doing. At a glance, there is information about XP, completed courses, and exercises completed. A more granular report can be obtained in .csv or .xls format by selecting the Export Summary Report option.

LMS integrations (Enterprise exclusive)

DataCamp supports integrations with a variety of popular LMS systems. These integrations allow members to seamlessly access DataCamp's course catalog through your LMS or LXP provider. We can also send course completion information back to your LMS. The following FAQs provide an overview of the integration methods we support.


The settings tab allows you as the organization admin to manage the organization settings. Some of these options include:

Adding more licenses

Administrators have the ability to add more licenses at any time by clicking on the Add More Licenses option.