My session keeps timing out


Every time I try to enter code in my courses, the session expires. Clicking on the Restart Session icon does not resolve the problem.


If you see "Oops, something went wrong.", the issue may be that you have DataCamp open in multiple tabs. To remedy this issue, close the other tabs, refresh the page, and restart the session. We also recommend clearing your browser's cookies and cache then refreshing or using an Incognito tab.


For projects, we have recommended troubleshooting steps; for starters, we recommend saving your code and resetting the project.

If your issues persist, please reach out to the DataCamp Support team by clicking on the Submit a Request option from We'd be happy to help!

Note: This page is only relevant to the console timing out. For additional performance issues, please review our System Requirements page, as well as Troubleshooting Video Issues.