Giving Feedback on DataCamp Courses


I have some feedback about the course I'm taking in DataCamp. Where can I add that?


If you have feedback about a DataCamp course, the best way to share that feedback is by navigating to the course and clicking on the Provide Feedback option in the top right corner of the screen.

Note: Feedback added via this method is shared directly with the course instructor and DataCamp's content development team, not DataCamp Support.


Due to the volume of feedback that the Content Team and instructors receive, they do not respond to every message, but they do gather the data for analysis and take action based on feedback. Therefore, you should not use this form of providing feedback if you expect a response back.

Check out DataCamp's blog post outlining how the Content Team uses feedback.

We welcome all feedback, including the following: 

  • Feedback on the course pedagogy
    • A topic not being covered clearly enough
    • A topic being covered too much
  • Minor visual errors with the slides or videos (for example, alignment)
  • Tips or Hints not being helpful enough
  • Correct code with different syntax not being accepted as the right answer

We recommend contacting DataCamp Support (atop this page) with the following inquiries: 

If you need help with your code, we first recommend selecting Take Hint and Show Solution. You can use a tool like Diffchecker to compare the differences. Please note, DataCamp does not provide support or consultation on the code you are using unless there is an issue with our code submission feedback or validator.

We also have a Slack community where you can collaborate with fellow DataCamp learners.