DataCamp Projects: An Overview

Note: Starting 15 February 2024, all DataCamp Projects will use DataCamp's notebook editor, as DataCamp will no longer support JupyterLab.

DataCamp Projects are interactive, hands-on coding exercises that form an integral part of the DataCamp online learning platform. These projects offer learners a practical and immersive experience in applying their data science and analytics skills to real-world scenarios.

Complementing the platform's extensive courses, DataCamp Projects provide a dynamic environment where users can actively engage with datasets, tackle authentic data analysis challenges, and reinforce their understanding of key concepts. Through guided, step-by-step instructions, learners have the opportunity to practice coding in a structured manner, gaining valuable experience and confidence in their abilities.

As learners progress through these projects, they not only solidify their theoretical knowledge but also develop the practical skills necessary for success in the field of data science.

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Can I add DataCamp projects to my portfolio?

Yes you can! In fact, many DataCamp projects can now be shared in DataLab! Additional information can be found in the DataLab documentation and DataCamp's official blog post

Please see our DataCamp DataLab documentation for additional information and troubleshooting steps for the notebook editor used for DataCamp Projects.

Troubleshooting Questions:

  1. Is your machine in compliance with DataCamp's Minimum Requirements?
  2. Do you have another DataCamp session open in a different tab? A project or course will fail to load if there are multiple sessions running at the same time.
  3. Does the issue persist in a second and/or incognito browser?
  4. Does the issue persist after clearing your cache/browser history?
  5. Does the issue persist on a second network/hotspot?
  6. Does the issue persist if you remove all browser extensions?
  7. Does your network have any firewalls that can be removed?

If you still see the same error, contact DataCamp Support (atop this page) with 1) the URL of the project, and 2) a screenshot of your browser's console on the error page (right-click > inspect > console).