DataCamp Projects: An Overview

DataCamp projects provide a more hands-off environment for DataCamp subscribers to practice their data science skills learned in DataCamp's courses.  

Can I add DataCamp projects to my portfolio?

Yes you can! In fact, many DataCamp projects can now be shared in DataCamp Workspace! Additional information can be found in the Workspace documentation and DataCamp's official blog post

To download the datasets, select File > Open...:


Then navigate to the folder titled datasets:



Flag the desired datasets and select Download:



Finally, you can download the notebook by selecting File > Download As > Notebook (.ipynb) 

Note: .ipynb is the extension for Jupyter Notebooks -- you don't necessarily need to use that file type.


Your local project structure will look like this:

-- project folder

    -- notebook.ipynb

    -- datasets folder

        -- dataset001.csv

        -- dataset002.csv

        -- ...

To prevent version conflicts, you may want to use a virtual environment to isolate your notebook.

Similarly, a notebook written in R version 3.4.4 and saved on a machine with R version 3.4.3 will need to be saved in an isolated local R version 3.4.4 environment. You can do this with the Packrat dependency management system.

What if I'm experiencing technical issues?

Datacamp projects use Jupyter Notebook, an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations, and narrative text (citation).

As Jupyter Notebook loads within DataCamp, you will see the following loading interface, followed by the specific DataCamp project:


If you see an error message, then confirm the troubleshooting questions below:

Troubleshooting Questions:

  1. Is your machine in compliance with DataCamp's Minimum Requirements?
  2. Do you have another DataCamp session open in a different tab? A project or course will fail to load if there are multiple sessions running at the same time.
  3. Does the issue persist in a second and/or incognito browser?
  4. Does the issue persist after clearing your cache/browser history?
  5. Does the issue persist on a second network/hotspot?
  6. Does the issue persist if you remove all browser extensions?
  7. Does your network have any firewalls that can be removed?

If you still see the same error, contact DataCamp Support (atop this page) with 1) the URL of the project, and 2) a screenshot of your browser's console on the error page (right-click > inspect > console).

Third-Party Troubleshooting Documentation