DataCamp's Unguided Projects and Live Code-Alongs: An Overview

DataCamp now offers two types of projects: guided projects and unguided projects.


Unlike our guided projects, which include step-by-step tasks to solve real-world problems, unguided projects further challenge your data science skills with open-ended problems without the step-by-step tasks.


Working Through Unguided Projects

Although DataCamp's unguided projects offer fewer step-by-step tasks, you'll still have the option to select Hint or Show an Answer.

Additionally, some unguided projects include a code-along video:


Note: A hint will reduce your total XP earned, and Show an Answer will remove all earned XP for the unguided project.

Code-Along Sessions

Unguided Projects will also display whether a code-along session is scheduled in the near future for that specific project. Register and attend our code-along sessions to: 

  1. Follow along
  2. Ask questions in real-time
  3. Watch how our instructors solve the project from scratch