For Business | Administrators: Best Practices

For a video guide to getting started with DataCamp for Business, please watch DataCamp's Admin University Series playlist.


Your organization has access to dozens of features that allow you to up-level your DataCamp engagement. Below, you can find best practices and resources so your team can get the most out of the DataCamp platform, including the DataCamp mobile app, team assignments and more.

Best Practices for Administrators


  • As a member of a complex organization, you have the flexibility to match team structure to your business through Teams.
  • Some of the most popular use cases for Teams include segmenting members by different departments within your organization, by technologies or topics, skill level, business division, geographic region, etc.


  • DataCamp Assignments allow you to guide your users to complete a specific course, chapter, or gain XP, and can be assigned to all users in your organization, or to specific individuals.
  • Assignments are one of many tools our customers leverage in an effort to transition from an unstructured learning environment to a more structured one. Having the ability to assign courses, chapters, and XP by a specific due date allows both administrators and users to add a layer of flexibility to the learning environment within DataCamp.


  • DataCamp mobile allows users to learn data science on the go, without an internet connection.  
  • Courses are divided into 5-minute lessons that teach you one concept at a time. Each lesson gently introduces data science concepts that are optimal for bite-sized practice sessions and exercises.
  • If you are using the mobile application (iOS or Android), you can access your current lesson and the next lesson without an internet connection.
  • For a more thorough examination of DataCamp for Mobile, take a look at this blog post.


  • Looking to further interact with the DataCamp community? Our DataCamp webinars allow you to dive into recent DataCamp product releases, glean best practices from other customer partners and discover other relevant data science topics.
  • Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information on upcoming webinars or to have your organization partner on an upcoming webinar.

Course Recommendations

Not sure where to start when it comes to courses? Check out these resources:

DataCamp Community page

The DataCamp Community is a centralized place for all things data science. It is designed as a resource for reference material, data science news, and the like. Many of our successful customers point their users here as an additional data science resource.

  • News: Curated by both DataCamp team members and millions of our users, content here covers a wide range of data science material, and is up- or down-voted by the community, letting the most pertinent information surface first. We encourage all of our users to add to the community by leveraging the ‘share an article’ functionality.
  • Cheat Sheets: One of our most popular sections of the DataCamp Community, Cheat Sheets act as a one-stop-shop for your most common questions surrounding a variety of libraries and packages.
  • Open courses: As a growing community, we’ve opened up course creation to all of our users. Here, you can take courses created by fellow DataCampers, or create your own.
  • Blog: Directly from the team here at DataCamp, our blog is where we share our point of view and thoughts covering topics from why we started DataCamp, to our New Year’s resolutions, to context on new course launches.

Community Forum

The DataCamp forum community is a place where both established, and up-and-coming Data Scientists interact to talk about the space, the technologies available, best practices, methodologies...everything and anything data science!

Course/Product Feedback

Your feedback is important to us. Our goal is to continue to better our service for you. The feedback form is a place where you can tell us what we can improve about the product or our course offering. You can do this by clicking HERE, or navigating to the Submit a Request form from the Help Center and selecting the Feature or Course idea categories.

So tell us, what can we do to improve your experience with DataCamp? We appreciate your feedback and will use it to evaluate changes and make improvements to DataCamp.

Reaching out for help

You can contact DataCamp Support (atop this page).