Data Analyst Associate

Certification Requirements

DataCamp's Data Analyst Associate Certification is awarded to individuals who successfully complete one exam (DA101) and one practical exam (DA501P)

What to expect on the exams

DA101 is a 60-minute exam that assesses your proficiency in data management, exploratory analysis, and statistical experimentation using SQL. To successfully pass this exam, you should be able to:

  • Perform data extraction, joining and aggregation tasks
  • Perform cleaning tasks to prepare data for analysis
  • Assess data quality and perform validation tasks
  • Calculate metrics to effectively report characteristics of data and relationships between features.
  • Read, and analyze data visualizations to represent the relationships between features.
  • Describe statistical concepts that underpin hypothesis testing and experimentation.


What to expect on the practical exam DA501P

The final step in this certification is a practical exam. The practical exam assesses your skills in communication and data visualization. You'll review a business problem, select and create appropriate visualizations, and provide a written report of your summary. You can find more information on how we grade the Data Analyst practical exam in the full rubric.

To pass the case study, you'll need to be able to:

  • Use data visualization tools to demonstrate characteristics of data
  • Present data concepts to small, diverse audiences
  • Leverage appropriate data visualization types to support your findings

If you have questions or feedback related to certification, please submit your inquiry here.