Certification | Updates for July 2022

What's new in this update?

Certification 2022 offers a new portal with resources aimed to help you succeed, including a resource center with links to relevant assessments and downloadable study guides.
The new Resource Center

How to prepare, with downloadable study guides

Additionally, you'll find that the new experience requires only two exams and one case study. You'll have 30 days, and two attempts per item, to complete these requirements.
You'll complete two exams and one case study to receive certification.



I’ve already passed a few assessments or coding challenge in the current version of certification. Will my progress carry over?

Once you opt in to the new certification experience, you’ll start from the beginning. Keep in mind, there are less steps in the new version - two exams and one case study, instead of multiple timed assessments, coding challenges, and the case study.

Why should I opt in to the new experience?

Certification 2022 was developed to further enable your success. It offers more instruction, efficient testing, and preparation guidance including what we assess and suggestions for self-study.


What happens if I don’t opt in? Will I still get to complete the current certification?

The current version of DC Certification will remain active through July to give everyone enough time to complete their progress. We’ll provide 30 days of notice before switching individuals over to Certification 2022.

What if I choose to opt in but then want to return to the old experience?

Once you opt in to Certification 2022 you will not be able to return to the previous dashboard. However, we do want to hear your feedback on the new version, so please tell us what you think!

How do I opt in?

To get started in the new Certification 2022 experience, visit the dashboard.