Recording the Practical Exam: System Requirements

For manually graded practical exams, the final step is recording a presentation. You will need to use the recording tool provided by DataCamp for this step. We cannot accept submissions recorded in any other way. 

You will need to share your camera, microphone, and screen. We recommend that you use a single screen and share the full desktop during the recording process.

You will be able to make two attempts at recording your presentation and you must submit one of them for grading. 

When you register for certification, you'll be prompted to test your screen share, camera, and microphone before proceeding. Please follow the documentation below for instructions on allowing access to these components.


Control access to camera on Mac

Control access to microphone on Mac

Control access to screen recording on Mac


Windows camera, microphone, & privacy


Use your camera & microphone


How to manage your camera and microphone permissions with Firefox