Creating a written report for the practical exam

For the Data Science case study, you will be given a link to a DataLab workbook template. This template will include the data for your practical exam. You can do all of your analysis in this environment, and you must create your final report using DataLab.
You will need to share a published version of your workbook so that we can grade your report.
Once you have finished your report, press the "Publish" button on the left navigation bar.
When you publish your work, it will run again. This means your work needs to be completely reproducible, including any package installations.
If publication fails, double-check the log and make sure all packages that you need to use are installed.
If you change your file after you have published, you will need to update the publication. We recommend that you double-check the live publication before you submit as this is the only thing we will grade.
You can find much more information on how to use DataLab in the documentation.