Certification | How do I get started with a Practical Exam?

How do I start my practical exam?

Before you get to the practical exam, you will need to complete and pass the timed exam(s). The practical exam will then become available for you with links to start or download your instructions. 


I don’t understand something about the project. Can you give me more information?

Everything that you need to complete the exam and meet the criteria for certification has been included in the practical exam. As this is an assessment, we cannot give you any more information. 


What will I be tested on in the practical exam?

This depends on the certification. You can find out all the details for the certification you are taking from the practical hub for each certification.

Can I try an example of a practical exam before I start?

Yes! Sample practical exams are available in the practical hub for each certification. For auto-graded practical exams, you can try submitting the sample exam as many times as you want to prepare for the real exam. For manually graded practical exams, you can find an example solution to each element of the practical, but we are not able to grade sample exams.


Do I need to complete the practical exam in a single session?

This depends. For auto-graded exams, there will be a time limit (typically 4 hours, but check your certification information to be certain). Once you start, this timer will start to count down, and you will need to submit before the timer runs out. For manually graded exams, you will have the remainder of the 30-day time limit, and you can come back to the exam as much as you want. But, once you start recording the presentation you will need to continue to the end of the process. 


How do I submit my exam?

For auto-graded exams, there will be a submission button in the bottom corner of the screen. You will only have two attempts to submit so you may want to test your code by using the run options first. 

For manually graded exams you will need to submit your written report before you can start to record and submit your presentation. 

To submit your report you will first need to publish the workbook. Remember that we only grade the published workbook, so make sure that you can see the same things that you want the grader to see before you submit. 

You will then be able to start your recording. You will have up to 12 minutes once you start recording. You will be able to review your presentation before you submit and you will have a second chance to record if you need to. You only get two chances to record. 


What happens after submission?

For autograded practical exams, your exam will be graded immediately, and you will see the outcome. If you are unsuccessful, we will let you know which areas need improvement. We do not provide detailed feedback on exactly where you went wrong, but we will highlight the task and the criteria. You can find more information on common mistakes in the practical hub for the certification you are working on. 

For manually graded practical exams, your submission will be allocated to one or more graders who will then review your submission against the grading criteria. The grading process for manually graded exams can take up to 14 days and you will be notified by email when your results are ready.


Why haven’t I received my results?

If you have not received your results after 14 days (and you have double-checked it didn’t go to your spam folder), please reach out to our Support team by submitting a ticket here.

Can you give me more detailed information on where I need to improve?

As this is a certification assessment designed to measure your skills we cannot give you any further feedback on your practical exam. We would strongly encourage you to carefully review the information provided in the practical hub for each certification. This includes example exams and more information on common mistakes.