Certification | How do I get started with a Practical Exam?

I don’t understand something in the project, can you give me more information?

Everything you need to demonstrate the skills for certification has been included in the project description. As this is an assessment, we can’t give any more information.

What will I be tested on in the practical exam?

We are mostly interested in the way that you communicate. Are you presenting to the right audience? Are you addressing the problem that you were given? You can find the exact criteria in the rubric for the certification you are completing.

I have been working on my practical exam for hours and can’t get near to the criteria the project asks for. Is it even possible?

All the projects we use are designed to reflect a real-life situation you may be in. Sometimes we can’t meet the demands of our stakeholders with the data we have. How would you handle that in a real situation?

How do I submit my work?

Once you are ready, you can submit your published technical report (Data Scientist only) and give your presentation (Data Scientist and Data Analyst).
If you are taking the data science certification you will first need to share the link to your published workspace. Please note we only grade the published workspace, so do remember to check you can see what you want us to grade.
Before you get started with the presentation, we recommend that you use the tools provided to test your microphone and screen sharing. We recommend that you share your whole screen and not just one application.
Your presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes and recording will stop if you reach 12 minutes. We might not grade your work if you exceed the upper time limit.
Please note that the session will be recorded so that your practical exam can be graded by a member of the team, and for quality assurance purposes.

What happens after submission?

Your exam will be allocated and graded by a member of the grading team. It may be reviewed again for quality assurance purposes before the result is sent to you. This process can take up to 21 days to complete, so please don’t contact us about your results until after that time.
You can see the grading criteria in the Data Science rubric or the Data Analyst rubric.

Why haven’t I received my results?

If you have not received your results after 21 days (and you have double-checked it didn’t go to your spam folder), please reach out to our Support team by submitting a ticket here.

Why was part of my submission “Ungraded”?

We only grade your technical report if all the criteria for the presentation have been met. If your presentation was too long, we might not have graded your report or most aspects of your presentation.

Can you give me more detailed information on where I need to improve?

As this is a certification assessment designed to measure your skills we cannot give you any further feedback on your case study. We would strongly encourage you to carefully review the grading rubric (Data Scientist or Data Analyst), which provides all of the information you need on what it takes to pass each element of the exam.