DataCamp Free Access Week 2022: FAQ

From July 18th to July 24th, DataCamp will offer free, unlimited Learn access to anyone with a DataCamp account! 

You will have an opportunity to take advantage of Free Access Week as an individual learner and through DataCamp Teams: DataCamp Learn Subscription Plans: An Overview

Access this limited-time offer here for Individual and Teams subscriptions!

Do I need coding experience to learn on DataCamp?

Nope! Anyone can learn on DataCamp’s interactive platform. You can start with the basics of coding and what data science is, or deep dive into more advanced data science and analysis based on your proficiency level. Our courses have been designed for everyone from complete beginners to advanced professionals.

See article: Do I need to know anything about data science to get started on DataCamp?

Which courses are best for my skills?

After you register for free, you can take our proprietary skill assessment test that will recommend courses are perfect for you: DataCamp Signal: An Overview of Assessments

We also recommend these courses for beginners:

Individual Access

What are the terms of Free Access Week for individual learners?

If you are an individual learner, you will have unlimited access to all of DataCamp’s courses, career tracks, and certifications until the 24th of July, 11:59 PM EST. All you need to do is create a free account.

I already have an individual Datacamp Learn subscription. Can I get a 1-week discount on my current plan?

Our current subscribers cannot opt for a 1-week discount. However, we encourage you to join us in our mission to democratize data skills and spread the word.

Will I keep my progress once the Free Week has ended?

Yep! You'll keep all of your progress, so if you subscribe as a Learn Premium user, you'll be able to pick up where you left off. 

Teams Access

What are the terms of Free Access Week for DataCamp Teams?

If you are a business leader or looking to up-skill your team in data, get unlimited 7-day access to DataCamp's entire learning platform by simply registering here.

At the end of your free 7 days of unlimited access, you can secure a special price: $149 per license per year. You will only be automatically charged after the free week is over, and you can cancel any time before.

For more information please refer to our Terms of Use.

I already have an individual DataCamp Learn subscription. Can I upgrade to Teams?

Yes! Individual learners can activate a free week and get a Teams Account. Please note that all Teams require a minimum of 2 members. 

I already have a DataCamp Teams Subscription. Can I get a 1-week discount on my current plan?

New teams are eligible for DataCamp's Free Access Week. Existing Team subscriptions are not eligible for a discount. Please refer to the Terms of Use.

Will I be automatically charged once the 7 day free trial has ended?

Yes, but you can cancel the subscription at any time. If you cancel before the 7 day free trial has ended, you won't be charged and your accounts Teams access will stop at the end of the trial.