Payment Issues Related to the Reserve Bank of India

As of October 2021, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will block payments that include recurring transactions. You can see their full explanation here

According to section 2.7 of DataCamp's Terms of Use, DataCamp subscriptions will default to auto-renew, after which you can immediately cancel your plan and retain the remainder of your subscription. See article: How do I cancel my subscription?

Because DataCamp's individual subscriptions do not have a payment portal for non-recurring transactions, we recommend the following alternatives:

  • try a different payment method, especially a pre-paid card
  • contact your bank directly to pre-authorize your DataCamp transaction

If your renewing subscription ends because of too many declined payment attempts, DataCamp will still retain your progress, so you can renew at any time to resume your learning. 

Once DataCamp updates its payment options, we will update this article.