Power BI Track Updates for April 2022

Beginning on April 26, 2022 (6AM GMT), courses within Power BI tracks will be renamed and split into two different courses.

What will change?

Our Power BI courses currently take around 6 hours to complete, which is above the typical 3-4 hour DataCamp course. Because of that, we decided to split the courses into more bite-sized content.

The following courses are being rearranged:

Old Course Name New Course Names
Data Visualization in Power BI Data Visualization in Power BI & User-Oriented Design in Power BI
Data Modeling in Power BI Data Modeling in Power BI & Intermediate Data Modeling in Power BI
DAX in Power BI DAX Functions in Power BI & Intermediate DAX in Power BI
Data Analysis in Power BI Exploratory Data Analysis in Power BI & Trend Analysis in Power BI

Only progress of completed courses will transfer from the old course to the two new courses.

For example, if you completed DAX in Power BI already, you will have automatically completed DAX Functions and Intermediate DAX in Power BI. We won’t be able to transfer your progress unless you complete the course prior to April 26, 2022 (6AM GMT)!


With this change, we are able to provide you with more exciting and specific Power BI courses. We are doing this in light of an exciting upcoming Power BI track launch, which will launch just a few days later, together with the launch of completely new Power BI courses. Stay tuned!

What happens if you can’t complete the course?

If you are unable to complete the course in time, the course in its current form will no longer be available on DataCamp. This means that you will lose your progress.

In this case, you will still find the same content on DataCamp, but only in redesigned courses. Please reach out to our Support team here if you have any questions.