Updated Names for DataCamp Assessments: April 2022

Why we changed the assessment names

In order to reflect the data science industry's expectations of data roles, DataCamp regularly updates our assessments. To better describe the skills that are being assessed, we have renamed our assessments; for this update, the content remains unchanged.

Old name

New name

R Programming

Coding for Production with R

Python Programming

Coding for Production with Python

Data Manipulation with R

Exploratory Analysis with R

Data Manipulation with Python

Exploratory Analysis with Python

Machine Learning Fundamentals in R

Model Development with R

Machine Learning Fundamentals in Python

Model Development with Python

Data Analysis in SQL (PostgreSQL)

Exploratory Analysis with PostgreSQL

Understanding and Interpreting Data

Analytic Fundamentals

Statistics Fundamentals with R

Statistical Experimentation with R

Statistics Fundamentals with Python

Statistical Experimentation with Python

Importing and Cleaning with R

Data Management with R

Importing and Cleaning with Python

Data Management with Python