Workspace | PostgreSQL

One of the integrations DataCamp Workspace supports is a connection to a PostgreSQL database. Using environment variables, you can connect your own database to your workspace. Before setting up this specific integration, make sure you understand how to set up and connect integrations securely to your workspace as explained here.
Now, you can set up a new integration as follows. Pay attention to the names chosen for the environment variables. These should be consistent with the ones you use in your workspace itself.
In your workspace, you can now use these environment variables and connect to your database. Check out this example in Python if you are not sure how to use these environment variables to make the connection to your PostgreSQL database.

Sample database: dvd rentals

We also provide you with a sample database about dvd rentals (source). If you want to connect to this database to get more familiar with the PostgreSQL integration, there are only two things you will need to do.
First, open a new workspace using this template in Python.
Next, connect the following set of credentials to your workspace. These will give you access to the sample database.
  • PSQL_NAME = dvdrentals
  • PSQL_PASSWORD = workspace
  • PSQL_USERNAME = workspace