Getting Started with DataCamp Workspace

This tutorial helps you get access to workspace, create a workspace from a template, and publish it. Expected time to complete: 10 minutes.
Get access to Workspace
To access Workspace, you must first sign up to DataCamp or sign in, if you already have an account.
Navigate to Workspace
In the top navigation bar, navigate to 'Workspace'.
On the Workspace landing page, click 'Get Started'.
To smoothen your first experience with Workspace, you'll be suggested to take the Workspace walkthrough or start a workspace that already has an interesting dataset baked in. Click 'Get Started' again:
You're now launched into your very first workspace, which already contains a notebook: a document that contains a combination of text cells (written in the Markdown syntax) and code cells (written in Python, unless you selected R in the previous step):
Edit your workspace
This workspace can now be edited to suit your analysis needs. Click the cell containing the first paragraph. The top half is editable text, where you make changes. The bottom half is a preview of how the text will look. To the right are controls for moving the cell up or down in the workspace, or deleting the cell.
Surround the first sentence with asterisks, "*". This will change the sentence to have italic formatting. Notice the changes in the editable text and the preview.
The code cells in this workspace are written in Python. Click into the first code cell. The top half is editable code, where you make changes. The bottom half contains the output from running the code. To the right are controls for running the code, moving the cell up and down in the workspace, or deleting the cell.
Change the last line of the code to add a title to the plot. Click the "Run" button to the right, or press SHIFT + ENTER to run the code in the cell. Notice that in the output the plot now has a title.
Publish your workspace
Click the 'Publish' button in the toolbar on the left-hand side
In the publication dialog, click "Publish". All the code in the publication will be rerun, to ensure that the output matches the code. This takes a few seconds.
Click the "Open live publication" button that appears to view your publication.
The publication will open in a new browser tab. You can now easily share your work with peers, friends and colleagues: whoever is interested in your work!
What's next?
To explore other options for using workspace, such as writing an analysis from scratch, read Creating a Workspace. If you want to watch someone use Workspace, take a look at the Video Tutorials.