What is DataCamp Workspace?

Workspace is an online IDE that allows you to write code and analyze data collaboratively and share your data insights. Workspace comes with ready-to-use data sets to analyze, making it the perfect tool to go from learning data science to doing data science.
Workspace supports R, Python, and SQL and is available on any operating system: Workspace is in an in-browser tool, requiring zero installation and zero downloads. You can get started analyzing data in under 5 seconds.


Is Workspace for me?

Workspace is for data professionals

The opportunities with Workspace are endless; whether you want to work on data visualizations, statistical analyses, or simple reports, DataCamp Workspace has got you covered. Workspace automatically saves all your changes to the cloud, so you can easily continue at a later point.
Communicate your insights with easy-to-interpret visuals. Whether you’re looking to create bar charts or multi-dimensional time series plots, Workspace has you covered. Workspace supports all Python visualization libraries.
Through our one-click publishing tool, easily share your data science projects while staying in control of who gets to see them. Plus, with our commenting feature, we take collaborating with your peers to the next level.

Workspace is for learners

With access to pre-written code through our recipe and playbook templates, you can apply the skills you learned in DataCamp courses to new datasets and situations.

Workspace is for job-seekers

All your published workspaces can be shown off on your DataCamp profile. Simply share the link to your DataCamp profile for colleagues and potential employers to take a look at your published work.

Workspace is for data managers

Workspace allow you to seamlessly and securely analyze your existing data through our pre-built data connectors. You can securely connect to databases and data warehouses, or upload data from files.
Access controls let you control who can author workspaces, and who can view the resulting publications.

Help improve Workspace

We are still actively working on making DataCamp Workspace the best place to do data science, so we will be building out these docs over time. Feedback or suggestions? Leave a note through the in-app feedback feature. We appreciate it! Still have questions after reading these docs? Reach out to DataCamp Support (atop this page).