DataCamp's New Subscriptions

DataCamp is growing, and we're excited to share our new learning opportunities. With the additions of Workspace, Certification, Competitions, and Recruit, we have simplified our pricing to make your decision-making easier so that you can focus on practicing data science. 

Take a look at our pricing page and our new blog post.

DataCamp Learn


For access to DataCamp's content library, you now have four options: Basic, Premium, Teams, and Enterprise. Basic is available to anyone with a DataCamp account, and includes every course's first chapter. All paid subscriptions now include DataCamp's full library of over 350 courses, as well as projects, assessments, and other learning tools.

Note: If you already have an individual subscription, you don't need to change anything. Standard subscribers now have Premium access, and non-discounted Premium subscribers will renew at our new, lower price. 

Individual Plans

Premium subscriptions have a yearly and monthly plan. Subscriptions default to the yearly plan, which must be paid in full, and you will have two opportunities to switch to a monthly plan: on the pricing page and at the checkout page:


Business Plans

DataCamp has two subscription options for groups: Teams and Enterprise. You can see the full breakdown here.



DataCamp Workspace


DataCamp Workspace is a cloud-based coding environment that lets you analyze data and share your analyses in Python and R. Workspace is available to everyone, and Workspace subscribers will get 4x the speed and memory compared to Basic users. Workspace subscriptions are a great addition for current subscribers looking for more processing power when running their code. 

Note: Learn subscribers who want Workspace Premium will also need a Workspace subscription.

DataCamp Recruit


DataCamp currently two offers professional Certifications: Data Scientist and Data Analyst. Certified learners have access to DataCamp's career services, and our upcoming DataCamp Recruit platform can put qualified job seekers in touch with companies looking to hire for data science positions.