DataCamp Custom Reports: An Overview

Note: In order to use Custom Reports, you must first set up Data Connector: What is DataCamp Data Connector?

Using Custom Reports, you can create and schedule professional reports from a pre-made template.

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With DataCamp's Custom Reports, you can:

  • Take advantage of pre-made reporting templates
  • Get detailed learning insights for your organization
  • Never miss a deadline with scheduled reports
  • If your organization has enabled DataCamp Workspace, you’ll be able to create your own reports from scratch.

Note: Workspace does not need to be enabled to simply view a report, though it does need to be enabled if you want to build your own, which can be done with Python or R.

Setting up Custom Reports

1. From your DataCamp Group, select Custom Reports


2a. To view an existing report, select View report under your desired Custom Report description. Note that your first report may take up to 24 hours.


2b. To build a custom report, select Go to Workspace 


Note: To create custom reports, enable access to Workspace


Scheduling Custom Reports

Currently, you will receive custom reports every Monday via email. We will update this article when custom scheduling becomes available.

Sharing Custom Reports

You can share a Custom Report via Workspace. DataCamp's Workspace documentation provides the steps to share publications.

Some examples of Custom Reports that you can generate

  • Custom Track Progress
  • Custom Track Enrollment
  • Most popular courses by current month
  • Most popular technology by current month
  • The amount of time your members have spent on DataCamp