What is DataCamp Data Connector?

Note: Click here to access DataCamp's full Data Connector documentation.

Data Connector provides a daily export of your group's learning data to a DataCamp-owned Amazon S3 bucket. From here, with the support of your engineering team, it is then possible to connect these raw data files to your data warehouse or reporting platform of choice. Using Python or R, you can copy these files to your data lake or import them to your data warehouse and then upload these insights to your reporting platform of choice—whether that be Redshift, Snowflake, Tableau, PowerBI, Jupyter Notebooks, or other platforms.

What data is included in the export?

The data includes assessment, course, practice, and project starts and completions, along with the time spent to complete that content, as well as user and team management data. For a full list of the available data, please read DataCamp's Data Connector documentation.