DataCamp Certification: An Overview

With Datacamp's new Certification, you now have the tools you need to land your dream job in Data Science and upskill yourself and your organization. From proving your skills with an industry-trusted brand, to resume reviews and interview prep—we’ve got you covered.

Certification is currently available to all individual subscribers and business members. 

You will certify your ability in six key areas:

  • Data Management
  • Exploratory Analysis
  • Statistical Experimentation
  • Model Development
  • Coding for Production Environments
  • Communication and Reporting

Note: For additional information, check out DataCamp Certification: Frequently Asked Questions, as well as the .pdf attached at the bottom of this article.

Getting Started

To reach your DataCamp Certification Hub, select Certification in the top left corner of your DataCamp landing page, followed by Get Started:



You made it to your Certification Hub! The timed assessments are available to all users. The coding challenge and case study will not be available until you have a subscription or are enrolled in a group.


Step 1: Timed Assessments

First, you will need to complete three timed assessments. You are welcome to retake the assessments, as they are graded automatically. Before starting, we recommend completing our Data Scientist with Python (88 hours), Data Scientist with R (88 hours), or SQL Fundamentals (21 hours) tracks, which will prepare you for a career in data science.


Step 2: Coding Challenge

You can choose an R or Python coding challenge, which is an unguided project that you have two weeks to complete (the estimated completion time is 60-90 minutes). Coding challenges use Jupyter Notebook, so we recommend the following article for any technical issues: Troubleshooting Jupyter Notebook for DataCamp Projects


Step 3: Case Study

Once you successfully complete the timed assessments and coding challenge, you can schedule the case study. Please note that the case study is not automated, so it will take some time for our Certification Team to review your work. If needed, you can retake the case study.


Step 4: Congratulations!

After you successfully pass all three steps, you will unlock your Certificate, as well as your Career Services options. Click here to see an example user's Data Scientist Professional Certificate.

DataCamp's Career Services professionals can review your resume and portfolio, as well as provide a mock screening interview.


If you have questions or feedback related to certification, please submit your inquiry here.