DataCamp's Free Groups

DataCamp's Free Groups connect academic and business users with learners from their organization to study and track each other’s progress in one place, and all for free! Groups provide the basic functionality for peers to connect, learn, and stay accountable to one’s learning goals. 

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Create or Join a Free Group 

Anyone with a DataCamp account can now join Groups with their colleagues!

Get started now.

1. Select Groups or Join Groups from the top toolbar.


2. You can then join or create a group.

  • If your organization has existing groups, you can join them:


  • By selecting Create Group, you can then follow the steps in the below images to create a group and invite members:



Note: A professional or academic organization name and email address is required.

3. You can then enter the code that you receive via email.

4. Once you have successfully entered the code, you can join an existing group in your organization or create your own group.

Inviting Members to your Free Group

Don’t keep your Group to yourself! Invite members to get motivated and achieve your learning goals together. 

1. Within the Group, select Members in the left panel

2. Select Invite Members


3. Enter the emails of your colleagues and select Send Invites

Accept a Group Invitation

If you are invited to join a free Group, follow these easy steps to join and start learning together.

1. You will receive an email with a link to join the Group


2. After selecting Join Group, accept the Terms of Service


You are all set! Time to explore the features you can use to drive your and your group’s skill development. 

Free Group Features

Admin roles & permissions

All Group creators are automatically assigned a role of an Admin.

The Admin role can be transferred to any other member via the Member section of your group. 



The Organization Overview allows you to get an overview of the Group’s skill growth—from time spent on the platform to total units completion—you can now see your Group’s activity in greater detail. 



Assignments are a powerful tool to increase accountability within your Group. You can use them to create time-bound challenges or recommend courses & tracks to specific members—the possibilities are truly infinite!

Learn how to create and set an assignment here.

Note: Assignments can only be created by the Group's admin, who is often the Group's creator. An admin can change the role of other members so that they can create Assignments, as well.


Leaderboards sort members' progress from the past 30, 90, and 365 days.


Note: Leaderboards do not list members' comprehensive progress, i.e. progress from over a year ago.

Other Group Features


This feature is available when you upgrade to DataCamp for Business.


DataCamp's Free Groups include Reporting that allows members to view and sort individuals' completed courses & chapters, most recent XP, and total XP.


Advanced Reporting is available to Enterprise subscribers: DataCamp for Business Reporting

Delete a Group

If you would like a Group completely removed, please contact DataCamp Support (atop this page) with the Group's URL within DataCamp, as Support can delete the Group.

Note: Once deleted, a Group cannot be recovered.