Why won't my DataCamp project submit?


My code is identical to DataCamp's solution, but my project will not fully submit.


There are three common reasons why a project's code will not submit:

  1. The code is incorrect for the specific task that is not being accepted (as indicated by the task circles to the left of the Jupyter Notebook).
  2. The code is incorrect in an earlier task.
  3. Since you began your project, DataCamp's Content Team has performed quality maintenance.


You need to reset the entire project by clicking the reset button (Screen_Shot_2020-09-30_at_6.39.42_PM.png) in the bottom right corner.


Note: You will lose all of your code when you reset a project. Before doing so, you can download your code by clicking File in the top left corner, followed by Download as and selecting your preferred file type.


If your project is still not submitting, you can reach out to DataCamp Support (atop this page). Please include the project URL, screenshots of the full interface, and your code.