DataCamp Donates: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a free DataCamp subscription?

Thank you for your interest in DataCamp! We have partnered with community development organizations on DataCamp Donates to ensure our free subscriptions go to people who need them the most and cannot afford them. 

Many of our partner organizations have strict eligibility criteria for membership. If you meet the requirements, consider applying to join one of these organizations and let them know you would like access to a free DataCamp subscription. Upon acceptance, you may be placed on a waiting list for a free subscription.

If you are a member of an organization that could benefit from this offer, please email to explore a partnership opportunity.

Please note that DataCamp will not accept individual applications, as we partner with organizations for this initiative. Please refer to the process above.

What types of organizations are eligible for DataCamp Donates?

  • Registered nonprofit organizations focused on education, workforce development, and scientific research.
  • Public secondary schools (ages 16 - 18)
  • Colleges and universities outside the US and affiliated student groups
  • Governmental social welfare programs and unemployment agencies

Please note that college and university professors with valid school email addresses are already eligible for six months of free access for themselves and their students by applying directly for DataCamp for Classrooms.

Which organizations have partnered with DataCamp?

You can see a full list of our partners -- as well as a global map of their locations -- here.

I belong to or know of a great organization that would benefit from DataCamp Donates? What should I do?

Email us at with any tips, references, and recommendations.

What type of subscriptions is DataCamp donating?

We are giving our partner organizations modified Academic group accounts with a specific amount of DataCamp licenses. The group account and licenses will remain active for one year from the time of activation. 

How many licenses will DataCamp donate?

Our goal is to give away at least 25,000 individual licenses.

How many licenses has DataCamp donated so far?

We have donated over 22,000 individual licenses.

We have many more partnerships in the works.  If you are a member of an organization that could benefit from this offer, please email

Who determines who gets a subscription, and how?

We do not have the resources to vet hundreds of thousands of applications, so we’ve partnered with nonprofit organizations that know their local communities best. We are also looking to partner with governmental social welfare agencies. These public and private organizations have already screened their members through the application processes, so they know all about their members’  financial and social situations. That’s why we can trust them to disseminate these subscriptions fairly. 

To ensure these free subscriptions are going to the people who need them most, we have instructed our partners to give them to individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Currently unemployed or underemployed
  • Looking for a new job or career
  • Living below the federal poverty line
  • Have been otherwise negatively impacted by COVID-19

We have included the final criterion in an effort to account for these unprecedented times. Everyone has been affected by COVID-19 in some way, but the impact varies significantly from person to person, with some experiencing unthinkable hardships. This approach will allow our partners to flex their judgment and compassion to help out as many people as possible with this DataCamp Donates.

Additionally, select instructors and administrators of some of the organizations will also receive subscriptions. Admins will use their licenses to support and track the progress of their new DataCamp learners so they can take full advantage of our platform.

Lastly, all of our DataCamp Donates recipients must not pay our partner organizations anything for their services and, by extension, free access to DataCamp for one year.

What does DataCamp get in return for its donations?

These are true donations. Our partner organizations and their members pay us nothing for their DataCamp subscriptions, normally valued at $300 USD each. By offering aid in the form of education services instead of monetary contributions, we’re also eschewing tax breaks, the traditional upside of corporate philanthropy. DataCamp receives no write-offs or direct fiduciary benefits from donating subscriptions whatsoever. The only thing we request of our nonprofit partners is an ongoing dialogue about their members’ successes using the platform. 

I already pay for an individual subscription and I just received an offer for free access through an organization. Can I still redeem the individual subscription?

This will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. If you are already a DataCamp subscriber and are offered a free subscription through an organization, reach out to our Support Team (atop this page) to find out what your options are. Redemption options will vary based on your current subscription and the organization partnering with DataCamp to give you the free subscription.

I still have questions or feedback about the donation initiative. Who should I contact?

Please contact us by sending an email to We read every email and value your input greatly.