DataCamp Donates: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a free DataCamp Donates Premium Scholarship?

Thank you for your interest in DataCamp! We have partnered with community development organizations on DataCamp Donates to ensure our free Premium Scholarships go to people who need them the most and cannot afford them. 

Many of our partner organizations have strict eligibility criteria for membership. If you meet the requirements, consider applying to one of these organizations and let them know you would like access to a free DataCamp subscription. Upon acceptance, you may be placed on a waiting list for a free Premium Scholarship.

Please note that DataCamp doesl not accept individual applications, as we partner with organizations for this initiative. However, our Support team is happy to assist you in finding a suitable DataCamp Donates Partner Organization near you. Please be aware that you must identify with at least one of the categories listed in “Who determines who gets a free Premium Scholarship, and how?” for our Partner Organizations to consider your application.


What types of organizations are eligible for DataCamp Donates?

  • Professional development and job placement nonprofits
  • Nonprofit data science, AI, and/or coding organizations serving historically disadvantaged communities
  • Health and enviornmental science research nonprofits
  • Student-run clubs/societies officially affiliated with accredited secondary and postsecondary schools
  • For-profit companies whose CSR initiaves freely support people in need

Please note that college and university professors with valid school email addresses are already eligible for free Premium access for themselves and their students by applying directly to DataCamp Classrooms.


What comes with a free DataCamp Donates Premium Scholarship?

We are giving our partner organizations modified Academic group accounts with a specific allotment of DataCamp licenses. The group account and licenses will remain active for one year from the time of activation. 

Free DataCamp Donates Premium Scholarships are the equivalent of holding a Premium license within a paid DataCamp Teams plan. All of DataCamp’s learning curriculum and features are always accessible with a Donates Scholarship, including new content as its get added. This includes all our Certifications, as well.

DataCamp Donates Admins, who are the managers of our Partner Organization, also have access to all the same administrative tools as a DataCamp Teams admin, including a Group Dashboard, Reporting, Teams, Assignments, and more.

Additionally, DataCamp Donates Partner Organizations have Premium access to our online IDE Datalab available to all their learners. This is a $20/seat/month value we are happy to give for free so learners can create unique content to strengthen their Portfolios and improve their chances of being hired.


How long does a free DataCamp Donates Premium Scholarship last?

DataCamp Donates Scholars are expected to use their Scholarships or risk losing them. So long as they keep learning consistently, all DataCamp Donates Scholars are guaranteed at least six months of Free Premium access, while most go on to retain their Scholarships for twelve months or longer. 

NOTE: What constitutes “consistent learning” differs with each partnership and is determined by our individual DataCamp Donates Partner Organizations based on the challenges faced by the communities they serve. Please review the Best Practices Guide for DataCamp Donates Admins for a baseline example of consistent learning.


What are the DataCamp Donates Partnership Requirements?

The most up-to-date version of the DataCamp Donates Partnership Requirements can be found here. To help our partner organization boost its learners’ engagement, we also created the Best Practices Guide for DataCamp Donates Admins.

Please note that an organization’s failure to meet these requirements at any point of the yearlong partnership will never result in having their group and licenses rescinded prematurely. Rather, we use these requirements as a checklist when considering partner organizations for additional years of free access when they reapply. We will only cancel a partnership prematurely if an organization’s managers and/or learners knowingly break the DataCamp Terms of Service.


Who determines who gets a free Premium Scholarship, and how?

We do not have the resources to vet hundreds of thousands of applications, so we’ve partnered with NGOs that know their local communities best. 

To ensure these free Premium Scholarships are going to the people who need them most, we have instructed our partners to give them to people who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Currently unemployed or underemployed individuals
  • Those living below their country’s national poverty line
  • Refugees of war or environmental disaster
  • Individuals with disabilities and/or members of other historically disadvantaged communities
  • Students aged 16 - 26
  • Nonprofit research scientists working with environmental or health data

Additionally, select instructors and administrators of some of the organizations will also receive Premium Scholarships. Admins will use their licenses to support and track the progress of their new DataCamp learners so they can take full advantage of our platform.

Lastly, all of our DataCamp Donates Scholars must not pay our partner organizations anything more than a nominal one-time registration fee for their services unrelated to DataCamp Donates. DataCamp never requests or receives any portion of these minimal administrative costs nonprofits may charge to ensure they can continue to offer their services. All DataCamp Donates Partner Organizations must make their Premium Scholarships completely free to anyone who cannot afford their nominal one-time registration fee.


I belong to a great organization that would benefit from becoming a DataCamp Donates Partner Organization. How do I apply on its behalf?

If you are an employee or volunteer member of an organization that could benefit from this partnership offer, we encourage you to apply to DataCamp Donates by going to

First-time applicants should select “New Partners,” while partner organizations applying for an additional year of partnership should select “Returning Partners” to access the correct forms.

Please Reach out to our support team with any questions or feedback about the DataCamp Donates application process.


Which organizations have partnered with DataCamp?

We will update this space soon with a full list of current DataCamp Donates Partner Organizations. In the meantime, please submit a ticket to the Support team to find one near you. 


How many free Premium Scholarships has DataCamp donated so far?

Since the launch of DataCamp Donates in Summer 2020, we have distributed over 110,000 individual free Premium Scholarships through the program.

Combined with our other CSR initiative, DataCamp Classrooms, we have provided free Premium access to over 1 million teachers, students, and underresourced individuals.


I achieved professional success after using a DataCamp Donates Scholarship! How do I share my success story?

Congratulations! We love to receive success stories from our Scholars. Please submit your experiences using the DataCamp Donates Scholar Experience Survey. Almost all the questions are optional, and we will not reshare any data you share with us without your permission. 

Additionally, you may share your success story on social media by using the hashtag #dc-donates and tagging @DataCamp.


What does DataCamp get in return for its donations?

These are true donations. Our partner organizations and their members pay us nothing for their DataCamp Premium Scholarships, normally valued at $399 USD each. 

By offering aid in the form of education services instead of monetary contributions, we’re also eschewing tax breaks, the traditional upside of corporate philanthropy. DataCamp receives no write-offs or direct fiduciary benefits from donating Premium Scholarships whatsoever. 

The only thing we request of our nonprofit partners is an ongoing dialogue about their members’ real-world successes after using the platform and their help in promoting the program. 


I still have questions or feedback about DataCamp Donates. Who should I contact?

Please contact us by submitting a request to our support team. We read every message and value your input greatly.