DataCamp's XP and Progress: An Overview

As you progress through DataCamp's exercises, you will collect XP so that you can measure your progress.

For example, when you successfully complete an exercise unassisted within a DataCamp course, you will see a message that looks like this (From Introduction to R):


Because DataCamp's content is self-guided, you do not need a minimum XP to progress onto the next exercise.

For courses, you can Take Hint, which will subtract some XP, and Show Answer, which will subtract all XP, but still allow you to proceed:


DataCamp's XP does not have any exchange value, though you can keep track of your activity, as well as receive a weekly email sharing your productivity percentile.

Frequently Asked Questions (Individual Subscribers):

In addition to XP, will I also receive grades for DataCamp's content?

  • DataCamp does not provide grades. While XP is gained after completing each exercise, there is not a special XP bonus provided after completing the entire course.

  • After completion of a course, you will have access to a Statement of Accomplishment, which you can download or share on Linkedin.

How do I reset course progress?

  • If you would like to retake a course that you have already completed, you can Reset Course Progress:

    To Reset Course Progress:

    1. Go to the landing page of the course that you'd like to reset
    2. Click on View Chapter Details and select any lesson
    3. Click on Course Outline
    4. Select the option to Reset Course Progress


Can I Erase My Account's XP?

  • DataCamp does not have a function to remove your earned XP. We recommend the 'Reset Course Progress' workflow, listed above.

How do I view Completed Courses in my account?

  • Account Homepage View:

    • Log into your DataCamp account

    • Scroll down until you come across the section titled Courses In Progress

    • Click on the Completed tab in the same section

    • Clicking on the Completed tab will show you all your completed courses

  • My Learning Progress View:

    • Log into your DataCamp account

    • Hover over or click on your total XP (top right-hand side of the homepage)

    • Doing this will generate a drop-down menu

    • Click on My Learning Progress

    • You will see Your XP per Topic (Courses Only), as well as your completed courses, tracks, & projects if you scroll further down the page.

I created a new account; why is my XP is missing?

  • In this situation, the progress is likely not gone but rather associated with a different DataCamp account. You may have accidentally created a new account with a different email address, instead of resubscribing under the original account with the progress.
  • It is not possible to merge or link two DataCamp accounts. We recommend swapping the accounts' emails (if necessary) and deleting the unneeded account.

  • If you have completed courses in both accounts, you can download your statements of accomplishment from the unwanted account before deleting it.

Frequently Asked Questions (Business Subscribers):

Why is there a difference between the XP on a member's profile page vs. the XP on my Organization Leaderboard?

  • There are a couple of reasons why the XP on the leaderboard would be different than the XP on certain members' profile pages.

    • The data has not fully updated...yet

      • The XP information in members' profile pages contains the most up-to-date XP information. However, the XP in the Leaderboard does not update in real-time which could result in slight, temporary discrepancies between the two. It updates roughly every 6 hours. This is as designed in order to transfer data from one area of DataCamp to another in the most manageable, sustainable way possible.

    • Your filter is only capturing data for a particular timeframe 
      • By default, the filter in the Leaderboard displays information for the past 30 days. If your members have 60 days worth of XP, for example, your current view will not be filtering for all of their accumulated XP. You'll have to expand the filter to a broader timeframe to capture all of the XP in that view.

Why is the XP on my Export Different than the XP on the Leaderboard?

  • We currently do not factor XP from Projects or Practice sessions into the Export. However, it is factored into the leaderboard which is why there is a difference.

How Do I Add Individual Subscribers to a Teams or Enterprise Plan while Keeping Their Progress Intact?

  • Individual subscribers can certainly join your DataCamp for Business organization despite the status of their current subscriptions. Once an individual subscriber joins a DataCamp organization with the same email address, their individual subscription is automatically canceled, preventing them from being billed again.
  • Once your DataCamp organization has been created, you can then invite your members. Since some members may already have existing DataCamp accounts, invite them using their existing accounts email address -- even it is a personal email. Members should update their email addresses after they have already been added to the organization.

    If you add members using their business account from the very beginning, it may cause confusion and challenges when it comes to existing progress they have made from their personal accounts.

    When a member is enrolled in the DataCamp organization, their Individual Subscription will be set to cancel on the renewal date.

    Following these steps will ensure that the previously earned XP from members' individual accounts remain intact and are reflected in the organization.

Can Members keep their progress if removed from their organization?

  • When a member gets removed from an organization, as long as they have access to the account they will never lose earned progress tied to it. Course progress, XP, username, and password will remain active. 

  • However, premium access is considered a subscription benefit, so they will not be able to access premium DataCamp content immediately after the removal. In order for users to regain access to premium content, they can then either purchase an Individual Subscription or join another Business Subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Mobile):

Why is my Mobile App XP and progress is not reflected on the Desktop version?

  • At this time, course progress is not shared between the mobile and the desktop variant of a course. While the courses on the mobile app can be found in the desktop application, they may contain different content. We suggest completing courses on both the mobile app and the desktop app to be completely well-versed in the covered topics.
  • If you completed a course in the mobile app, when you navigate to the desktop view you will see that there is a mobile indicator at the top right corner letting you know that you have completed the Mobile version of this course. You will also see an indicator for desktop progress. The screenshot below illustrates and highlights both.
  • Keep in mind that both the mobile course and the desktop course count towards your total XP (indicated next to your username). So if you finish the first chapter of a course on desktop, and then do the corresponding chapter on mobile, you will receive XP for both.

What is the daily streak? What counts towards the daily streak?

  • The daily streak in DataCamp indicates how many consecutive days you have been active on DataCamp and gained at least 250 XP. E.g. when your daily streak is 5, that means that you gained at least 250 XP in each of the past 5 days.
  • To make a day count for the daily streak, you need to gain at least 250 XP. This means that everything that awards you XP will count towards your daily streak.