For Business | Waiting List for New Members

If you are using an invite link and your organization has no licenses available, new members will be added to the Waiting List. As soon as you have purchased additional licenses, admins will need to manually move members from Waiting List to All Members. The new member will receive an email when they have been added to your organization.

  1. Navigate to the Members tab
  2. Select Waiting List
  3. Click on Add for each member you want to enroll in All Members

How can I avoid people queuing up on the Waiting List?

One of the benefits of using an invite link is that you can provide access to DataCamp to users across your company without the need to invite each member individually. In order to avoid people having to wait until they are granted access, we recommend having a reasonable buffer of licenses available in your organization. As soon as the number of licenses approaches 0, you can purchase a new buffer of licenses.

Can I remove members from the Waiting List without adding them?

No, we currently don’t support removing members from the waiting list.