Integrate DataCamp with Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn


I would like to link my existing DataCamp account to LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook.  


If you created a DataCamp account directly with your email address, you can still switch your login method to your LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook account. See article: Signing Up and Logging Into DataCamp


Note: For the purposes of this article, we'll review LinkedIn, but the process is largely the same for Google and Facebook.

Here’s how you can connect your LinkedIn account to DataCamp:

  1. Log in to your DataCamp account
  2. Navigate to Account Settings / Social
  3. Click on Link LinkedIn


  4. If you’re not logged into an account on, you will need to enter your login credentials. If you’re already logged into that specific LinkedIn account on, you will still need to authorize DataCamp to use your account. 
  5. Click on Allow


All done! You can now sign in with LinkedIn without any hassle.