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    Hi Team

    I am not able to renew my yearly subscription although i have maintain an active account with paypal.


    Kindly look into this issue.

    Anjani Kumar


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    Dear DataCamp support, 

    Support team promise to offer me 58% of discount on the annual premium service . However, the invoice showed that only 33% were given.
    The reason for that is due to the fact that your company mistakenly credited my card for 249 USD instead of 249 AUD. 
    I believe DataCamp is a leader in the online education industry. Keeping promise and taking responsibility toward your customer should be the first priority. 
    Therefore, I required refund the difference, which is 113 AUD, back to my card ASAP; After multiple E-mail without responding, I decide to file complain against support team assistant Sylar and Brian Scanlan.
    If the issue cannot resolute in 3 days. I will report to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and report fraud to my bank. I will also share my experience on social media, which included, but not limited to, my facebook, instagram, Youtube channel and etc. 


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    Shayan Chougule


    Not able to do credit card transaction on your site, it gives payment decline. Even without reaching the bankservers. Enquired at the bank as well.  They have not found any hit on their side.


    Having said this, is there any other way of payment other than paypal and creditcard like bank transfer etc ?


    We were trying to pay for our kid whose Id details are below.



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