Why Am I Not Eligible for the Promo?

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    Dear DataCamp support, 

    Support team promise to offer me 58% of discount on the annual premium service . However, the invoice showed that only 33% were given (150/399).
    The reason for that is due to the fact that your company mistakenly credited my card for 249 USD instead of 249 AUD. 
    I believe DataCamp is a leader in the online education industry. Keeping promise and taking responsibility toward your customer should be the first priority. 
    Therefore, I required refund the difference, which is 113 AUD, back to my card ASAP; After multiple E-mail without responding, I decide to file complain against support team assistant Sylar and Brian Scanlan.
    If the issue cannot resolute in 3 days. I will report to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, and report fraud to my bank. I will also share my experience on social media, which included, but not limited to, my facebook, instagram, Youtube channel and etc. 
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    Claire Boitet

    This is very disappointing to receive the offer and be denied it because you already have a yearly subscription, I feel that I should have waited a bit before enrolling now... :( 

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    the question that comes to me naturally is - How difficult it is to filter out the accounts that should not receive this offer in the first place? And this is coming from people that teach data science- please, guys get serious and do your job.

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