For Business | Adding and Updating Payment Information

Having an up-to-date credit card allows you to easily add licenses at any time and your subscription to renew automatically, preventing gaps in your subscription coverage.

Note: The credit card associated with your organization is separate from your personal credit card details. In order to update your organization’s payment method you will need to go to the organization settings and not your personal account settings.

Here are the steps to Add or Update your credit card information:

  1. Go to your Organization on DataCamp
  2. Go to the Settings page
  3. Click on the Billing tab
  4. You will see a button at the top that says Add Payment Method or Update Payment Method
  5. Click on the button
  6. Fill in the required information on the next screen including Cardholder Name, Expiration Date, Card Number, CVV, Postal Code and Country, Cardholder Name
  7. Once complete, click Submit and you’re all set!



Please note, you will need to have an active subscription in order to update your payment information. If your subscription is canceled, please contact our Support team to assist.