OKTA SSO Configuration Instructions

This section is only meant for DataCamp Enterprise administrators that are setting up SSO with OKTA as their idP. Only proceed if you have read and understood our SSO documentation.

OKTA Configuration Instructions

Note: All of these steps are to be performed in OKTA, not DataCamp.

Create an application in OKTA

  1. Create a new application in OKTA
  2. Select "Platform" = "Web"
  3. "Sign on method" = "SAML.20"

Configure general settings

  1. Choose a name (e.g. DataCamp)
  2. Upload a logo (You can find the DataCamp logo HERE)

Configure SAML

  1. Single sign on URL is the “Assertion Consumer URL” provided in your DataCamp organization's SSO settings page.
  2. Make sure “Use this for Recipient URL and Destination URL” is checked.
  3. Audience URI (SP Entity ID) is the “Entity ID / SAML Audience” provided in your DataCamp organization’s SSO setting page.
  4. For NameID Format, select “Email” in the picklist
  5. Configure Attribute Statements (optional)
    • First name, Last name, and Email
  6. Click "Next"

  7. Select "I'm an OKTA customer adding an internal app" on the feedback configuration page.

Information for DataCamp

  1. View your "Set Up Instructions". This will provide details that you need to enter in your DataCamp Organization SSO settings.
    • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL should be entered in the Login URL / SSO Endpoint field in your DataCamp SSO settings.
    • Identity Provider Issuer should be entered in the Entity ID / Issuer URL field in your DataCamp SSO settings.
    • X.509 Certificate should be copy and pasted directly into the IdP Certificate field in your DataCamp SSO settings.