How to transition personal accounts into business accounts


My organization wants to invite me to their DataCamp group with my business/academic email address, but I already have a personal account with progress.


I have a newly created business account on DataCamp that is enrolled in my organization's group, but I want to retain my progress from my previously created personal account.


  • If you have not yet created an account on DataCamp with your Business email, then follow the steps in this article:  How do I transfer my account to an Organization without losing anything?
  • If you now have two accounts -- a personal account and a new business account -- you will not be able to update your email on the business account to reflect your personal email address since the personal email address already exists in our system.


  • We recommend reaching out to DataCamp Support (atop this page) and sharing the emails of your two accounts, as the Support Team can help adjust your personal account's email to enroll it into your business group. DataCamp Support can delete your business account or change its email, after which the personal account's email can be changed to your business email, and that account can be enrolled in your organization's DataCamp group.