Classrooms | Can't Invite Students: "Your organization doesn’t have an active subscription"


My DataCamp for Classrooms organization has been approved but I get an error message when trying to do things like invite members or create assignments, "Your organization doesn’t have an active subscription". What's going on?  


There are two possible reasons for this notice:

1. Group's start date: Even if your DataCamp for Classrooms application was approved, access to premium content will be granted on the start date of the Organization. Members can only be added after that date has passed.

If you need access before your class's start date, be sure to reflect that as the start date during the sign-up process. 

2. Group has expired: The same error notice will be displayed if your Organization subscription expired. In terms of extending the group, we can't extend academic groups, though instructors can apply for a new group by submitting this form.