Your course page dataset list is incomplete! Where can I download the missing datasets?

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    Rony Armon

    I disagree, totally, having the code in our sandboxes is crucial to engagement and understanding.

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    Robert Cabral

    We hear you, Rony, and you're not the only one. It's something that we're actively advocating for within the Customer Support organization. I'll be sure to update this article depending on how we as a company decide to handle this moving forward.

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    Dan Killian

    Robert, you don't seem to have fully addressed the question about the incomplete list of datasets. I'm currently going through the mixed models course, and have encountered several datasets that are not referenced on the course home page (for example, Chapter 3: dfLong, dfShort, df, allData). I'm currently pasting the course code into my own R environment for future reference, but need the underlying data to execute the code. I've been able to simulate my own data from the underlying data for some cases, which is good R practice in its own right, but not sure I can simulate underlying data such as what is in allData.  

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    Hadrien Lacroix

    Hi Dan, we've reached out you directly regarding your request.

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