Transferring company account to an individual subscription


My company no longer has a DataCamp for Business account, but I'd like to keep using DataCamp. How do I transfer my account from a business subscription to an individual subscription without losing anything?


Once your organization's business subscription ends, you can still retain your account -- as well as its progress and XP -- and purchase an individual subscription.


Change your email address

  1. Log into your DataCamp account
  2. In the top-right corner of DataCamp's landing page, select My Account > Account Settings
  3. Change your DataCamp account's email address and Save Changes
  4. You can now log into DataCamp with your personal email

Purchase a Subscription

Note: If you have not yet been removed from your Business Organization, you won't be able to purchase an Individual Subscription. To be removed from an Organization please reach out to your Admin.