For Business | When do purchased licenses become active?


I just purchased a DataCamp for Business subscription. When does my subscription activate?


  • DataCamp for Business offers Teams and Enterprise plans.
  • A Teams plan under $1,000 must start on the date that it's purchased.
  • A Teams plan over $1,000 can start on a custom date.
  • Any Enterprise plan can start on a custom date.

Additional information: 

  • Each license is valid for the entire duration of your business subscription, regardless of whether the license is used. For example, if an individual is enrolled in your group 90 days before the end of your business subscription, then that individual will have paid access for the remaining 90 days.
  • Licenses cannot be paused or delayed.
  • You can purchase additional licenses at any time during your business subscription for a pro-rata rate. For example, if six months of your yearly subscription have passed, you can purchase an additional license for approximately half the standard rate.