For Business | Are my members using DataCamp?


Is there any way to see how much time each of my members takes to complete a course?


As an administrator in your DataCamp organization, it is important to keep track of your team's progress and measure their engagement. DataCamp's Reporting and Leaderboard functionalities allow you to do just that.

You can access more data on course completion by navigating to the Reporting section of your organization's interface and going to the Export tab to export a .csv. It should appear as a .zip file in your Downloads folder. 

One of the two files in that folder contains course-level data broken down by each member. From here, you should be able to access information like the date a member started a particular course, and when they completed it. A full breakdown of the information found in the export can be found HERE

Note: For DataCamp's Data Connector, please see the following article: What is DataCamp Data Connector?.