For Business | What data is available to administrators?

Depending on what you are looking for, as the administrator of your DataCamp Organization, there is a lot of useful information readily available for you. The best place to start is the Reporting tab of your Group Hub.


As the name implies, the Summary tab gives you a general overview of all members in your DataCamp Organization. It can be accessed by clicking on Reporting > Summary. From here you can see: 

  • Their name and email address
  • Number of completed courses
  • Number of completed exercises
  • Number of completed chapters
  • Total XP

View Leaderboard

The View Leaderboard option allows you to view much of the same information above. It can be accessed by clicking on Reporting > Summary > View LeaderboardOne of the main differences here is that you can filter by 30 days, 90 days, or the Past Year. This helps you identify your DataCamp rockstars more easily. 


Note: The Export function is only available to customers with a DataCamp for Business Enterprise subscription.

If the information above is still not enough for you, you might consider using the Export option to extract more specific information. The Export tab can be accessed by clicking on Reporting > ExportFrom there, you'll have the option to download a report as a CSV or XLS file. In addition to the information found in the Summary tab, the export includes: 

  • Username
    • The member's username in DataCamp
  • Teams
    • The name of the team(s) the member is enrolled in
  • Created At 
    • When the member was added to the organization
  • Deleted At
    • When the member was removed from the organization
  • NumPractice
    • The number of completed practice sessions
  • Completed Courses
    • The names of the completed courses by the member
  • Completed Practice Mode
    • The names of the completed practice sessions by the member