Installing Libraries and Packages in DataCamp


I am trying to install additional libraries or packages into a DataCamp course, but I cannot load them successfully. DataCamp displays an error that says the most important libraries and packages have already been loaded for me. Does DataCamp limit the installation of various libraries and packages depending on the course I am taking?


Depending on the course you are taking, DataCamp prohibits the installation of certain libraries, packages, and any other files. To write and execute your own code, we recommend DataLab. 

DataCamp provides a stable environment in which you can execute specific exercises. Each course is isolated, so the libraries and packages you can use depend on the course you are taking. You do not have the ability to install additional libraries or packages when using the script or the console. The ones you need have already been pre-installed for you. This is one of the ways we are able to ensure a stable environment and experience for you. 

What you can do is load pre-installed libraries and packages. The instructions in each exercise will indicate whether or not it has already been installed for you.