For Business | How do I enroll my existing DataCamp account into my organization's group?


I have an existing DataCamp account associated with my personal email address. My organization now has a group within DataCamp, and I would like to transfer my account to their organization. How do I do that without losing my XP or course progress? 


Update your account's email address

  1. Log into your DataCamp account
  2. In the top-right corner of DataCamp's landing page, select My Account > Account Settings
  3. Within your Account Settings, change your personal email address to your company email address
  4. At the bottom of that page, select Save Changes

Join your organization's DataCamp Group

  • Request an invite link from your organization's DataCamp admin
  • Alternatively, your admin can invite you via email


  1. So long as you're using the same account (with a new email), you will retain your progress and XP.
  2. Once your organization's business subscription ends, you can change your account's email again and purchase a new individual subscription.
  3. If you cannot change your email because your organization has already created a separate account with your business email, follow the steps in this article: Transferring Personal Account to New Business Account