For Business | Teams: An Overview

What is a team?

DataCamp's teams further organize members within your organization's DataCamp group. Group admins can create teams to segment departments, technologies, skill levels, geographic regions, or anything you'd like!

Getting Started

Creating a team

1. Within your DataCamp group, select Teams from the left panel


2. In the top-right corner of the Teams tab, select Create Team


3. Name the team, choose a color, and select Create Team


Adding Team Members

There are three ways to add a member to a team:

1. If they are not already enrolled in the group, you can include the team association when you invite them


2. If they are already enrolled in the group, you can add a member to a team via the Members tab


3. Within a team's page, you can select Invite Members or Create Invite Link


Using Teams



After selecting Assignments in the left panel, you can toggle between teams and create assignments for the entire group, specific teams, or specific individuals.



See article: Assignments Overview

Skill Matrix, Reporting, & Leaderboards

You can now toggle between teams to specify your Skill Matrix, reporting, and leaderboards.


Editing and Deleting Teams

Removing Team Members

Members of a team can be removed from the team while remaining enrolled in your organization's group. They can be removed directly from the team's page.


Deleting Teams

See article: For Business | Updating and Deleting Teams

  1. Navigate to your organization's DataCamp group
  2. Select the Teams tab in the left panel
  3. Select the x icon to the right of the team that you want to deleteScreen_Shot_2021-09-28_at_10.58.48_AM.png
  4. Confirm your decision by selecting Delete Team Screen_Shot_2021-09-28_at_10.59.07_AM.png

Note: Deleted teams cannot be recovered, though changes to teams will not affect your group's enrollments.