How to get the best from support when experiencing code issues with exercises

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    I have raised multiple tickets regarding a difficulty I face with a project. Its been four days but still I have not received a response

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    Rajendra Sharma

    I never get a response on any my feed back.  Which is a waste of time. The instructor for Python tool box 1 is useless. Moreover, despite writing the correct code my answer is not accepted. Please rectify your system. 

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    Robert Cabral

    Hi, Rajendra -

    It sounds like you may have used the Report an Issue option to let our content team know there may be an issue with the course. While our team monitors this, they do not respond to every request due to the volume. More information can be found here: Where To Add Feedback on DataCamp Courses

    I've opened up a Support ticket with you so our team may investigate whether or not there is an issue with the exercise. A member of our team will follow up soon.



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    Ashman Malhotra

    Even I would say that the support Slack channel is abandoned. There is noone who can answer question correctly or guide properly. It is like misleading students that slack is there whereas there are just few students who would just say this and that rather than getting into problem and helping on same.

    I have never got answer to any of my issues ever. If there is another way to approach the team for support, let me know.



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    Ganta Manoj

    while I am executing solution code again it shows error

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    Harshit Parsai


    I am executing the same command but still getting different different types of error please help me i am very panic

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    Radek Wojtczak

    I am getting the same issue as Harshit Parsai.

    Did you resolve it somehow?

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    Aniket Das

    Solution needed urgently. Please Help !!

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