Classrooms | Are academic professionals eligible for free access to DataCamp?

You and your students are eligible for six complimentary months of DataCamp through DataCamp for Classrooms upon verification of your official school email address and personal faculty page.

You are eligible if you are a 1) teacher, 2) instructor, or 3) professor at one of the following institutions:

  • A college
  • A university
  • A high school in the United States or the United Kingdom

You can find more information about DataCamp for Classrooms here:  

Note: Only teaching staff can apply to DataCamp for Classrooms. This feature is not for school administrators (principals, deans, etc.), students, nonprofit organizations, or researchers. Students may encourage their instructors to sign up for DataCamp for Classrooms in order to obtain access. Alternatively, students may purchase affordable Premium Student Plans. Nonprofit organizations may apply to DataCamp Donates.