Updates to Certifications - July 2024

On July 22nd, 2024, we will change our certification practical rubric. 

We are constantly reviewing our certification requirements as part of our commitment to ensuring that our certifications align with industry expectations. Following consultation with our Advisory Panel of industry professionals, we will make minor changes to the rubrics used for our Data Analyst and Data Scientist practical exams. These changes are intended to ensure submissions meet the requirements of hiring managers while remaining clear and easy for candidates to understand. 

The following rubric will be used to mark the Data Analyst and Data Scientist practical exams starting July 22nd.

Link to Data Analyst: click me. 

Link to Data Scientist: click me.



Will I need to study different content to pass the new rubric?

No. The practical exam will continue to test the same skills. As always, we recommend that you read the rubric carefully to ensure you demonstrate the skills it asks for. 

What are the main areas that are changing? 

Our Advisory Panel recommended that we focus our changes on three main areas:

  • Data Storytelling: a passing candidate should be able to show that they can put together a presentation with a recognizable narrative 
  • Visualization: Candidates should use visualizations that support the story they are trying to tell and are clear and readable. 
  • Long-term metrics: We have tightened the focus on making a recommendation backed by clearly defined metrics suitable for monitoring progress over time. 

What was your process for deciding on the new rubric?

Recommendations were compiled from the Advisory Group. These recommendations were factored into the new rubric, which went through several iterations based on internal review and feedback, grader feedback, and input from current and former candidates in the DataCamp Community.