For Business | AI Assistant Features

We are delighted to introduce two new AI Assistant features to enrich your learning journey with us.

AI Assistant for Content and Support

A feature designed to guide learners in discovering relevant educational content. It acts as a conversational chatbot, enabling users to find tracks, courses, tutorials, webinars, and projects tailored to their learning goals and career aspirations. This tool is especially beneficial for learners who need help with their next steps in professional development or seeking to enhance specific skills.

How it works?

Learners open a chat window and converse with the AI Assistant to identify skills to develop and relevant learning materials to meet their learning goals. The agent also has knowledge of our help articles and can handle product questions.

Why is it useful?

It helps learners determine what skills are relevant to their career aspirations and helps them find content related to developing those skills. It can also help users if they need help with how to do something on the platform.

AI Personalization

In collaboration with our AI partner, Microsoft, this feature leverages advanced data processing techniques to deliver personalized recommendations tailored to your unique learning context.

How it works?

The AI assistant analyzes your past learning activities to suggest courses that match your interests and skills, saving you time and effort to find the right content.

Why is it useful?

AI personalization enhances the AI Assistant's recommendations by tailoring them more closely to your preferences. This means that course suggestions will align with the preferred technologies and consider the courses you've already completed. 

Data Processing Note

When enabled, additional user data will be sent and processed in accordance with the updated DPA.

How to Manage Settings for Both Features

Both features can be enabled via a toggle in the Group Hub Settings. When enabled, users will receive personalized recommendations on the platform.


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We're excited for you to explore these new features and experience their benefits. Happy learning!